Specialists in blood compatibility and biomarker detection

Hemocompatibility testing

Hemocompatibility of blood contacting medical devices has to be evaluated before their intended application. We offer in vitro testing with whole human blood to gain further insight into your product or in order to obtain CE and/or FDA certification.

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Biomarker analysis

When organ injury is clinically determined, the injury is often irreversible. Therefore, it is important to have sensitive and accurate assays for determining organ/tissue injury in an early phase. We are specialized in developing and performing biomarker assays in small amounts of biological fluids, such as plasma, serum or urine.

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Several of our laboratory methods have been converted to ready to use test kits, these kits are focused on the interaction between blood and biomaterials. Furthermore, we offer test kits that measure complement activity of the classical and alternative pathway in plasma.

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Product #: K007

Hemolysis Assay for Solutes

This test kit allows for measuring solute induced hemolysis.
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